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Pappy’s market is proud to introduce  “The World’s Best Barbeque Sauce”


That's right, "Pappy's Sauce for Sissies" "Good for Babies, Brats & Bikers"

Have you ever seen a whinier bunch?? You know, I’m just having fun with the pepper intolerant and taking a sibling's swipe at a brother of mine who rides.

But seriously folks, GREAT sauce, just not enough back talk for me.

Pappy says: "I couldn't be made any milder and still live with myself!! You got a whiner in the house? This is what ya give them, and you know who you are!"

Heat 1 out of 10  Suggested Retail $5.99 ea.


That's right, "Not Made in China " (Without Lead Paint)

Here’s a different sauce born in the USA !! Splash on steaks, burgers, chicken or game. Use as a steak sauce or marinade too!

Heat 2 out of 10  Suggested Retail $5.99 ea.


That's right, Pappy’s “Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce”

This is a great example of the unique style of barbecue in Kentucky . It starts with a smooth richness and then finishes with a bit of heat, lending just the right kick to the ribs, chicken, burgers or anything on the grill.

Pappy Says: "This sauce has approximately 2-2.5 seconds of fun bouncing around the taste buds. White Lightnin' starts with an initial sweetness, followed by notes of onion, garlic and worcestershire, and finishes with just a flash of southern fire. It's all the love you'll ever need!"

Heat 4 out of 10  Suggested Retail $5.99 ea.


That's right, Pappy’s “Chicks Dig Me”

Women get all worked up, but I swear you’ll get lucky just putting this in the pantry! And if bringing it home doesn’t work; try whispering in her ear...”Mango Chipotle... Mango Chipotle... Mango Chipotle...”

Heat 5 out of 10  Suggested Retail $5.99 ea.


That's right, “So Hot You'll Go Blind!!”

You might not go blind, but you may be squinting through the tears just a bit.

I kid you not, every time I try this I sound like Daffy Duck on crack!! I know!

Flavor Duration: approximately 5 seconds
Heat Duration: 15 seconds to 30 minutes for true wussies!

Heat: 8 out of 10  Suggested Retail $5.99 ea.


That's right, “Burns Faster & Hotter From Tongue To Tailpipe”

Arguably the Hottest BARBECUE sauce on the market today.

Keep in mind chile heads, this is NOT a hot sauce, I said BARBECUE SAUCE with all the heat most normal humans would ever consider ingesting at a sitting!! The difference between most shock hot sauces and Hottest Ride, is that we give you a great Barbecue flavor and then the most heat we can jam into the sauce to compliment your cookout.

Heat: 10 out of 10   Suggested Retail $5.99 ea.

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